I believe in an innovative approach to making and showcasing design - one fit for the modern age.


Story and Design


I have a background in architecture and spent the past 8 years working in the creative industries as a creative and user experience designer. For this reason, the making of the "ICONIC Urban" model was sustained by technology and thought out putting customers' needs first, to support people who believe in doing things differently. Sustained by my architectural vision to create both beauty and function, SACOCHERO is not just a fashion brand, but a mindset and feeling about the future.

ICONIC URBAN is inspired by architectural minimalism and timeless proportions and was created to compliment a lifestyle built around the same values.






The story of SACOCHERO began almost a year ago, when the dream and first sketches fueled with hope and motivation all the hardwork that has been done since. Although initially we worked with pen and paper and paper prototypes, a big part of the journey and the design decisions were made digitally, using 3D modelling and rendering to shape up what we imagined. We envisioned an elegant and minimalist leather laptop bag, characterized by its simplicity as well as its versatility, proving extra features for carrying larger items, be it creative tools or objects destined for everyday activities.

Going further, technology will help us convey to our customers the vision and creative process behind "Iconic Urban" through a VR immersive experience that will soon be available to download on our site.